These figures already spectacular rise to two five French when it comes to the 18-25 age bracket . Striking results, to be compared with the recent arrival of this product in France, since it must be remembered, the French have access to vapotage since 2011. Confident consumers, so that does not give the precautionary principle but rather listen to the medical profession.

It is clear that although no official study demonstrating the non- toxicity of the electronic cigarette is not yet published, the French are well aware that its possible harm would be incommensurate with those of the traditional cigarette. Moreover, according to the same survey, conducted by Ipsos on 22 and 23 November last, on a sample of 969 adults, 44% of respondents believe that the vapotage is rather harmless to health, and 19% are not worried at all. Recall that the survey was conducted among a panel of smokers either French and non-smokers, and non- vapoteurs vapoteurs.

Among the followers of the electronic cigarette, the figure is much higher, with 57 %.

The best way to stop smoking?

A New Zealand study found that the electronic cigarette proved at least as effective as nicotine withdrawal by patch or gum . With 43 % of French people are convinced of its effectiveness in the fight against smoking, we can say that the general opinion tends to move in this same direction. As for vapoteurs, they are 63 % think that it is a method to be adopted to break with tobacco.

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