A trip to the United States to discover the market of electronic cigarette creators who position themselves on the medium -high range. Nhoss offers three types of products: disposable cigarette (recyclable), rechargeable classic capsule that once empty is discarded, and finally a refill that can be filled and is even called ” e- liquid ” as electronics. A small bottle is the use of a carton of cigarettes. “We designed our models, but all the electronics are manufactured and assembled in China, Shenzen, explains Nicolas Pelluault, one of the founders . But our “e- liquid” are 100% French, produced from a stringent specifications in the first French Flavorist Grasse”. The brand offers twelve flavors and the addition of nicotine is in a pharmaceutical laboratory Merville ( North ) responsible for bottling.

SME, which presents itself as the leader in France – in terms of sales – a market of 100 million still highly fragmented, started in the garage of Nicolas Pelluault and has just set up on 1200 meters square Bondues (North), after passing through a hive of business .

To distribute its products, Nhoss relies on a network of 28,000 French tobacconists, including 7,000 sell its products, as well as four carvers wholesale tobacconists suppliers of all types of products, except cigarettes. One of them, FAS has opened in Nhoss the Spanish market and aims Portugal and Italy by the end of the year . Northern Europe will be for next year.