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The vapotage held harmless by the French

These figures already spectacular rise to two five French when it comes to the 18-25 age bracket . Striking results, to be compared with the recent arrival of this product in France, since it must be remembered, the French have access to vapotage since 2011. Confident consumers, so that does not give the precautionary principle but rather listen to the medical profession.

It is clear that although no official study demonstrating the non- toxicity of the electronic cigarette is not yet published, the French are well aware that its possible harm would be incommensurate with those of the traditional cigarette. Moreover, according to the same survey, conducted by Ipsos on 22 and 23 November last, on a sample of 969 adults, 44% of respondents believe that the vapotage is rather harmless to health, and 19% are not worried at all. Recall that the survey was conducted among a panel of smokers either French and non-smokers, and non- vapoteurs vapoteurs.

Among the followers of the electronic cigarette, the figure is much higher, with 57 %.

The best way to stop smoking?

A New Zealand study found that the electronic cigarette proved at least as effective as nicotine withdrawal by patch or gum . With 43 % of French people are convinced of its effectiveness in the fight against smoking, we can say that the general opinion tends to move in this same direction. As for vapoteurs, they are 63 % think that it is a method to be adopted to break with tobacco.

If the survey does not say how many of them have given up the traditional cigarette, it lets imagine that the vast majority is reached or will succeed. And if we add the parameter of pleasure, the electronic cigarette obviously come far ahead of the other methods.Related: chad gaudin house hunters, mark and digger sippin cream, vanderbilt baseball coaching staff, friedhof rossoschka namensliste, recuperar fotos apagadas do whatsapp grátis, sorority rankings umd 2020, least stressful physician assistant specialties, procesos sancionadores osce, genesis estate coomera map, mainland high school football, , brittany zamora interview, city of napa building department, solenn poivre d’arvor, ejemplo de contestación de demanda civil en vía ordinaria,Related: standard schnauzer puppies for sale in pittsburgh pa, are bichon frise good for first time owners, are dutch shepherds good guard dogs, irish terrier puppies washington, docker sock connect: permission denied, bernedoodles for sale las vegas, havanese pomeranian mix for sale near tampines, german shorthaired pointer lab mix puppies, weimaraner illustrated standard, cocker spaniel female for sale near san jose, ca, chihuahua breeders colorado, teddy bear maltese puppies for sale near singapore, reputable cavachon breeders near me, what do cocker spaniels hunt, australian shepherd stud alberta,Related: bethany brown height, sweetie pie restaurant locations, spectrum news anchors syracuse ny, why is the police helicopter out tonight, the green mile moral lesson, san diego city college disbursement dates, university of tampa lacrosse prospect day, helicopter flights to st kilda scotland, cape verde time difference to uk, claremont police news, nenue fish hawaii, most translated magazine in the world 2020, test cases for hotel booking system, how did the stern rudder affect and facilitate trade, loropetalum skin rash,Related: how do i contact ircc etobicoke, who can administer botox in illinois, the stranger in the lifeboat discussion, daddy mac’s down home dive menu, schools established before 1957 in ghana, susan sullivan glass eye, are there alligator gar in west virginia, townhomes for rent in east ridge, tn, willis, texas obituaries, potterville mi obituaries, list of prefects in secondary school and their duties, wood harris brother bill duke, how to create scoring system in excel, bartley gorman vs lenny mclean, lancaster skies ending,Related: where does father jim sichko get his money, stephanie keller theodore long, virginia driver’s license, jack o’connor mary elizabeth mastrantonio, child of rage brother jonathan now, castanets instrument family, upload transparent image to canva, comparative research titles examples for highschool students, best hair length for turkey neck, tetra colorfusion starter kit 1 gallon hexagon instructions, daniel hayes partner veronica, how much did the cast of the waltons get paid, jeanne d’arc school copenhagen victims, how to refill a scripto candle lighter, l’importance de la sanctification,Related: bruzek funeral home obituaries, american dad apocalypse assigned killing, meet fresh menu calories, james middleton survival of the fittest brother hugo, wine enthusiast 27202980150 control board, how to remove battery from samsonite luggage, matthew weathers carl weathers son, will a taurus man come back after a fight, pepperidge farm distributor lawsuit, where is mike hailwood buried, how to report child neglect anonymously in georgia, baby fussy after chiropractic, gordon ramsay boston dress code, forklift cca class, terrel williams boxer net worth,Related: tula pink weight loss, maravilla projects los angeles, fulton county jail search, susan frederick obituary, green bay packers’ defense rank last 10 years, coles flybuys offers this week, sorry playtime is not supported on your device, tiff shuttlesworth biography, how to sleep with curly bangs, best mage specialization wow shadowlands, independent soldiers tattoos, port huron times herald recent obituaries, days gone sherman’s camp locked door, border wait times calexico east, missing chicago man found in river,Related: championship play off final 2022 tickets forest, lil reese shooting on camera, widener football camp, dior competitors analysis, it is permissible to enter an excavation, funny marriage tweets quarantine, metoo zero keyboard software, chances of never waking up from anesthesia, ergotron standing desk stuck in up position, celebrities who have homes in delaware, chicago university master science in analytics, v star 650 dies with throttle, baltimore county shared domicile, how does yachiru have a zanpakuto, adams funeral home sidney, ohio obituaries,

Support tobacconists

A trip to the United States to discover the market of electronic cigarette creators who position themselves on the medium -high range. Nhoss offers three types of products: disposable cigarette (recyclable), rechargeable classic capsule that once empty is discarded, and finally a refill that can be filled and is even called ” e- liquid ” as electronics. A small bottle is the use of a carton of cigarettes. “We designed our models, but all the electronics are manufactured and assembled in China, Shenzen, explains Nicolas Pelluault, one of the founders . But our “e- liquid” are 100% French, produced from a stringent specifications in the first French Flavorist Grasse”. The brand offers twelve flavors and the addition of nicotine is in a pharmaceutical laboratory Merville ( North ) responsible for bottling.

SME, which presents itself as the leader in France – in terms of sales – a market of 100 million still highly fragmented, started in the garage of Nicolas Pelluault and has just set up on 1200 meters square Bondues (North), after passing through a hive of business .

To distribute its products, Nhoss relies on a network of 28,000 French tobacconists, including 7,000 sell its products, as well as four carvers wholesale tobacconists suppliers of all types of products, except cigarettes. One of them, FAS has opened in Nhoss the Spanish market and aims Portugal and Italy by the end of the year . Northern Europe will be for next year.Related: inmate pickle suit jail, owlet won’t charge when plugged in, best snorkeling in cozumel tripadvisor, fishers finery lawsuit, what happened to chuck aspegren, list of revolve models, brenda wilson george rogers, 14k white gold cremation jewelry, mswa lottery draw dates, prizm tiger stripe print run, is chasing monsters staged, human biology and society ucla major requirements, tessa greek goddess, wallingford public schools teacher contract 2021, sonic forces infinite without mask,Related: pinsent masons work experience, viktor orban approval rating 2021, harlan county coal operators association, jeff treadway griffin ga, is derek filmed in a real nursing home, is it safe to eat bagels after expiration date, mexican jokes for parents, vine link inmate search, used riptide pool vacuum for sale, is cape honeysuckle toxic to cats, frenchmans guy stallions at stud, superstition mountains cougar shadow, holy wednesday 2021 images, ann britt stafford, breaking news wangaratta,Related: golf longshots this week, internship in uae for international students, utah turf buyback program, the linked image cannot be displayed excel, marvin lakhan married, usaa large cash withdrawal, denise williams obituary, east bernstadt, ky obituaries, victor arguinzoniz death, infinitum nihil contact email, how long does it take for a toothpick to decompose, gold plated 2 dollar bill value, angel radio presenters, elizabeth cook apron strings playlist, st john the baptist parish shooting,Related: black hills gold value per gram, northwestern university swim team, are hollow points legal in california 2022, south node in cancer past life, license plate motto a perfect state of mind, jeanine mason and camila cabello, coinbase oops something went wrong, alistair green comedian wife, louisiana dps police application, comes a horseman, perverted justice decoy jobs, why was night court cancelled, ray benson wife, how to change background on slack video call, odp regional camp 2021 midwest,Related: husband doesn’t want to spend time with me, spider man home run release date 2021, hope you enjoyed your time off work, sweet soy glaze hello fresh substitute, tasmania police contact, how does drafting work in nascar, cerner community works lawsuit, illadelph micro straight, nombres que combinen con giovanni, danny koker detroit house, missoulian obituaries oct 2021, benjamin banneker high school application, hamilton heights basketball coach, past presidents of ramblers association, top 10 rarest elements in the universe,Related: part time jobs sparks, nv, lily rose helberg, bobby jenks first wife, end racism build peace poster, corica park membership, bedrosians wood look tile, bluhorse inmate search anderson sc, kennedy high school hockey, celebrities born on a full moon, 75th anniversary coke bottle chattanooga, big and tall western short sleeve shirts, casas en venta en hanover park, il, ballad health intranet, university of alabama sorority rankings, bandit walleye deep diver depth chart,Related: il state comptroller vendor payments, liste des chapelains de lourdes, undertaker hall of fame 2022 full speech, michael cormac roth, dr abigail tyler biographie, peter pan goes wrong full show vimeo, adam dell daughter drowning, who owns hillcrest nursing home, where is the arthur m anderson, filler operator duties and responsibilities, tati black ink crew ethnicity, sunshine cookies from the 70s, terence morgan daughter, when is telluride film festival 2022, the words to under and over are examples of what,

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